Journey To Happiness Experiment

I’ve decided to start a Journey To Happiness Experiment.

I’m a writer and I’d like to think of myself as a thinker (although I believe there are some people out there who will totally disagree!). I made a huge career change in my late 20s. I was originally an engineer which was mind-bogglingly dull.

Even though I’ve been blessed with plenty of good things in my life – an abundance to eat, a very nice roof over my head, perfect health, a husband who loves me, a cat I adore, work that I love to do – I’m not always happy. Sure, I’m pleased and generally at peace but I’m not happy, happy, y’know?

So, I’ve decided to find this elusive happiness that always seems just a little out of reach. I’ve been more or less searching for it all my life. I love to read and I’ve been on the Happiness Path ever since I got my hands on a book called “Being Happy” by Andrew Matthews when I was 15.

Through the course of my work, I had the good fortune to meet and interview the author just a few months back. I told him how his book helped shape the course of my life. It was a happy moment for both of us : )

This blog is my way of keeping track of my thoughts and whatever I learn as I journey into the relatively unknown space of my own mind and attempt to rewire my brain from so-so to joyously happy. I’m a reader and I will chiefly look for the key to unlocking a flood of happy from books written by others who have followed the path before me.

I haven’t yet decided how long I’m going to give myself to reach a level of everyday happy that I’m happy with but 9 months comes to mind. If it takes just 9 months to create a wonderful, functioning, unique human being, it shouldn’t take longer than that to find a satisfactory level of happiness in my life.

So…here I go!


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