Thanks, David Beckham!

There’s something in my life that makes me  really, really  happy although I hardly ever give it much thought – my job.

I’m a freelance writer/editor and I’m one of the few lucky people who happen to be in a line of work they love.

This point was brought home to me when one of my editors sent me an email this morning. She wanted me to write a fashion snippet that involved watching a 30-second underwear ad featuring David Beckham – first thing in the morning! It was a pleasant eyeful to say the least and I’m not even a Beckham fan.

Here’s what I was ‘forced’ to watch for work:

All the happiness books I’ve read and self-help gurus I’ve heard go on and on about being grateful for the little things to create more joy in your life. So, today, I’m grateful for David Beckham and his H&M ad ; )

I never thought I’d say this but thanks David!


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