Promises, promises…

Goodness! I’ve taken a reeeaaaally long hiatus despite promises to the contrary!!!

I have to say I’ve been contending with a number of happy and not-so-happy situations. Some started out happy and is now turning out to be a bit of a nightmare…

Here’s a list of the high and low lights of what’s been going on since my last entry:

1) I met 3 FABULOUS new friends. Well, ‘met’ is kinda stretching it. I’ve never met them personally. I took an online course about  internet marketing and these ladies were on that course too. Due to a ‘callout’ from one of them – we decided to form a sort of ‘mastermind’ group based on the course we were on. What started off as  a business group has now turned into a real friendship and safe zone where we can discuss a little of what’s going on in our lives. It’s wonderful to have a place where I feel totally heard. We meet on Skype once a week and have been since April. We’re all in different parts of the world but somehow, we’ve pulled it off all this time!

2) About the Internet Marketing course…yep, for some reason, anything to do with marketing and sales – topics that have always repelled me before – is something that’s attractive to me right now! I don’t do it often enough but I decided to follow my vibes on this sudden feeling of wanting to learn more about marketing etc. So, I did and I’m continuing my education with another online marketing course right now. I don’t know where it’s all going but I know it’s going to lead somewhere interesting.

3) I love the online world and for the past couple of years, I’ve been dreaming about working exclusively on the net. I’m a writer/editor with a ‘real world’ business but more and more, I’ve noticed a shift towards working online. I’m receiving work opportunities from clients in the US and Singapore which means I have to work exclusively online via Skype and email. This suits me just fine 🙂

4) Okay, they all seem like highlights so far so here’s a low light and it’s a pretty big one. I started working with my first US client through a series of fortuitous events. He runs a women’s website and he sent out a call to his subscriber list (it’s a list that includes thousands of women from all over the world) about his search for a copywriter. I felt compelled to apply and didn’t really think I would be accepted but after a rigorous online interview process that involved a ton of writing and editing, I got the job! It was all sunshine and roses in the beginning. I felt the Universe had led me to this job and even though, I don’t really have experience as a copywriter, it seemed like I was a natural. He loved my work without me having to give it much effort.

Seems too good to be true, right? Well, it was. For reasons I cannot fathom, the boss man is now often rude and negative (he was nothing but sweet before). It could be that he’s having personal problems or whatever but there’s not reason to be rude! I won’t go into the details but it was long fall from being the ‘favourite child’ to ‘the resident leper.’ I’m currently trying to deal with it all and it’s super hard! In fact, I find that my own inner demons are coming out in full force. The voices in my head that say “who do you think you are? You’re no good at what you do, no wonder he’s attacking your work!” Other voices chime in including the one that says “you’d better suck it up, who knows where your next client and paycheck will come from?” etc….

I’m in ht midst of working things out and needless to say it’s haarrrrdddd despite everything I’ve learned about being happy!

So, that’s a quick update. I recently bought a book called “Trust Your Vibes” by Sonia Choquette who is a six-sensory spiritual teacher. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve decided to follow my vibes and I’m going to try and do that with my personal life and with my work problems.

My vibes told me to start writing in this blog again…so here I am! Here’s to keeping it going 🙂


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