Me, Me, Me

I’m an engineer turned writer and am currently a freelance writer and editor living in sunny Malaysia. You’d think I’d be a free spirit since I’ve opted for the freedom of working from home, right? Well, not really. I’m kind of a type A personality and can get a little stick-in-the-mud about mundane stuff like “we’ve run out of butter and we forgot to buy more.”

I’d like to shake off this rather dreary side to my personality and have decided to embark on a Journey To Happiness type thingee. Since I love to read, I shall mainly collect most of my information on happiness through books and record all relevant knowledge in this blog.

I believe that, when you strip everything away and boil things down, the fundamental purpose of life for each and every one of us is to ‘be happy.’ Sounds like a simple enough goal but as we all know, it is SO not! Hence my decision to focus on what I believe is a very important part of life: finding out what makes me happy and finding ways to stay happy.

To add to that bit of information about myself, here are a few random bits and bytes:

If I were a colour, I’d be a deep, sparkling blue – it’s serious but has a dash of pizzazz.

I have a surprising ability to remember the lyrics to every major ’80s pop song.

I love animals. I even love the ones I don’t like (i.e lizards and snakes) but my favourites are cats. Yes, you can go ahead and call me a cat lover.

I am mildly obsessed with my weight.

I used to agree with Jean Paul Satre’s quote: “Hell is other people.” However, I have since revised my opinion to “Hell is other people when you’re feeling pretty miserable about yourself.”


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